Hay Day Edit Mode: In a Nutshell Everything You Need to Know

Rearranging your Farm and Town is getting a whole lot easier with Hay Day’s new Edit Mode. Allowing you to save multiple layouts, Edit Mode is all about options. Swap between your own efficient designs, wacky concepts and seasonal specialties.

Found above the Friend icon, Edit Mode is available from Level 25 and up. Here, you can create and save several of your favorite layouts. Ad personal touches by naming each one.

The first slot holds your current farm layout. The other slots are blank canvases that you can use to experiment and arrange all your items and decorations. A second layout will be readily available to use. And extra layout slots can be unlocked with diamonds.

You can edit your current Farm layout in the first slot, create all new Farm layouts in the other slots or copy your current Farm layout to an available slot. This way, you can remove, add and move items without losing your primary arrangement. For example, if you want to keep the Farm’s current look, just Copy and Paste the layout to your second available slot and then tap on “Edit Layout“.

Notice how some buildings are transparent? This is because they cannot be moved.

Edit Mode Options

At the bottom of your screen, you’ll find several buttons. The first two on the left side, are for exiting Edit Mode by either saving a layout or discarding the changes you’ve made. Turning ON “Erase Mode” will store any item you tap on. Leave it OFF if you’d prefer to be more cautious with your edits.

The Storage Box icon allows you to store multiple categorized items at once. For example, if you want to rearrange animals and crops, then basically you can store all field and habitats, all the production machines, trees and bushes and all the decorations. To put items back on your Farm, just tap on the other Storage Box icon.

Paint Brush, is a handy time saving feature, that helps you gracefully lay multiple items. For example, placing fields with one long swipe.

The red notification on the Storage Box indicates that “essential items” still must be placed before you’re able to activate a layout.

If you lose internet connection or exit Hay Day while in Edit Mode, your unfinished layout will be recovered automatically for you to continue where you left off.

Having a new layout saved, just tap “Set As Active“. Layouts with a red exclamation mark “!” cannot be activated as they’re missing essential items like, fields, animals, production machines, threes and bushes. Decorations are not key essentials.

Hay Day Town Edit Mode

The Town also comes with its own Edit Mode and works exactly as shown on the Farm. One thing to note, unlocking more layouts on your Farm will not unlock layout slots in your Town. Slightly different then the Farm Edit Mode, the Town only comes with service buildings and decorations. Therefore, only service buildings and decorations can be stored and placed in the Town area.

To quickly check what each button is for and how Edit Mode works, tap on the Question Mark icon found in the top left of your screen. Here you will find the edit mode basics.

Hay Day Neighborhood Derby Just Got More Exciting

In Hay Day the derby is about to get bigger and a little more competitive! Leagues come with more tasks to complete and horseshoe prizes to win. The higher you and your neighbors level up in the leagues, the better your rewards will become.

Hay Day Neighborhood Derby

Let’s enter the Derby Stand

First, you’ll choose a task to unlock the other tabs. The last tab represents the leagues. There are 5 leagues in all, each represented by a different color and position. Your neighborhood horse will move up and down league positions depending on your neighborhoods rate of success. You’ll then be ranked when the derby ends.. Neighborhoods placed in the same league will then compete against each other.

Finishing a derby in the top 3 positions, will move your neighborhood horse to an even higher league. Finish in the bottom 3, or not reaching the first horseshoe checkpoint your neighborhood horse will be lowered to it’s previous league position. All other neighborhoods will remain in the same place.

  • In green, the rookie league is where everyone begins. Here, you can complete the normal 5 tasks, with the chance to win 5 horseshoe rewards.
  • The blue, novice league, has 6 tasks available with 6 possible horseshoe rewards.
  • The purple professional league comes with 7 available tasks and 7 possible horseshoe rewards.
  • The expert league is represented in gold. Here, players have 8 tasks available with 8 possible horseshoe rewards.
  • The top league is for the best of the best…. and that is coming soon!

Hay Day Derby Stand

Your neighborhood horse indicates your current neighborhood league placement. You’ll find your own League Color wile moving through other Derby tabs, like when you take tasks, or the horseshoes you can collect.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by participating in the derby every week? You can now choose to opt in or out. Go into your game’s Settings, tap on Advanced Settings and scroll to Derby Settings. The green check mark means you are participating in the derby. No check mark means you have opted out of the derby. By opting out, you will not be able to complete any tasks or receive derby rewards. Deciding to opt out or back in during a running derby will only be effective once a new derby begins.

Hay Day Derby Settings

Derby Task Log

Another new Derby feature, is the Derby Task Log. Found in the last tab of the neighborhood chat window, this feature allows neighborhood members to keep track of each others task count and derby participation. Leaders and co-leaders may choose to display the task log by editing the neighborhood settings.

Hay Day Derby Task Log

Don’t forget to find out more about the derby leagues in the games FAQ section by entering the game Settings and tap on Help and Support!

Hay Day Celebrates 3rd Birthday with a Groovy Update

Put your sunglasses and party hat on! Hay Day not only celebrates the coming of summer but the farming game’s 3rd birthday! Therefore, you will find not only birthday decorations, but also new and cute animals. New production units are also released for making delicious pasta’s: lasagna, gnocchi and lobster pasta. The only thing you have to do is to update your app.

Farmers at level 100 will get an exclusive surprise from Supercell.


What’s New in Hay Day?

  • Party in style with an exclusive Birthday decoration, available only during the special event!
  • Summer has returned to Hay Day with exclusive decorations and charming summer outfits for your farm animals. Sweet shades, Cow!
  • Welcome the latest cuties: hound puppy and tuxedo kitten.
  • New pasta kitchen production building: prepare delicious lasagna, gnocchi and lobster pasta!
  • New in-game events: Stay tuned for double XP and serving town visitors!
  • Fresh derby tasks: produce products, feed farm animals and help fellow players.
  • Introducing the personal inbox for important developer messages.
  • New decorations: customize your farm with ditch & trail tiles, or a super-fly pink scooter.
  • Farmer’s levels 100 and up: receive a unique decoration as a thank you for your dedication.
  • Improved neighborhood search: more info on where your friends are. Choose the best neighborhood for you and your farm.