How to Transfer Boom Beach Progress to New Android Device

To ensure that your Boom Beach game is protected from lost progress on your Android device, you’ll need your own terminal running Android, your Boom Beach base and your own Google account to use in Google’s Play Games.

Google Play Games is a very useful program that allows users to save game progress on any Android, while letting you share your achievements and experiences with other users who also play games.


Attache Boom Beach to Google Play Account

You have a Google Play account, but your Boom Beach game is currently not attached to it? No problem!

To make sure that your game progress will always be saved, start by entering in the game settings, then Accounts and tapping on “Google Play sign in”.


You may see other accounts in use on your device. So you really need to be sure that you’re selecting your own before proceeding. That’s really important! This is because in Boom Beach, your base can only be attached to a single Google account. Meaning it will permanently attach itself to the first account selected that hasn’t previously been attached to a Boom Beach base.

  • If you don’t have an account you can create one by tapping on “Add account” and follow the steps required. Or sign in to your own Google account;
  • A loading indicator will appear notifying you with a “welcome text”. Be sure that this message contains your username.

Now your Boom Beach base is primed for booming.

Transfer Boom Beach on New Android Device

Would you like to transfer Beach Boom to a brand new device? To move your game progress to Android, you will first need to set up the device with your Google account – as you should already have one.

  • Go ahead and sign in to your Google account, then set up device preferences;
  • Once your device has booted up, head over to the Play Store and download Boom Beach;
  • When you open the game, a pop up will appear alerting you that a base is already attached to the Google account you set up your device with;google-account-alert
  • Tap on “Load” to get the base, as it should be yours;
  • If you did not see a pop-up from the start, don’t worry, as Android devices often work differently;
  • Simply complete the beginner’s tutorial and enter your game settings to connect your Google account as shown previously.

Once again, make sure to verify that the “welcome text” has your name on it. So don’t forget, to safely destroy the Blackguard, have your own device, base and Google account.

How to Create or Join a Task Force in Boom Beach

Have you ever wanted to team up with your fellow commanders? Well, the latest Boom Beach update introduces Task Forces, especially suited crew with the soul mission of destroying the black cards new, devious and highly polluted power basis. Is your headquarters at Level 6? Excellent, then start by creating a Task Force of our own. On the left hand side of your screen you’ll notice a new tab with a star in the middle. This is your task force command, enter the “Create” tab and decide on a cool name. Remember you won’t be able to change it later! Then, add your description and edit your team’s badge to your liking.


Choose your invite status. Would you like anyone to join, that mean any player can join if they would like to. Or maybe have him join by request, with this setting Boom Beach players must request to join your Task Force. Only leaders and officers can approve or decline request. Keeping your task force closed means that no one can request to join it.


Please note: Task Forces come in 4 different sizes, 5 to begin with and upgrading the task force can allow 10, 25 and 50 members. After you’re happy with the setup, hit the “Create” tab and you’ll be on your way.
Please note: you can only create a task force once per week.

Joining an Existing Task Force

If you’d like to join a pre-existing task force, simply enter your task force command and choose the “Find Task Force” tab. You’ll be given some recommended task forces with players having similar skill or you can search for a specific one. All Task Forces have a unique tag, making them easy to find. The tag is located in the Task Force command info summary simply type unique tag into the search function. This will show the exact Task Force you looking for in Boom Beach.


Like any well-equipped military organization Task Forces need ranks. You will find the leader, officers and members. Leaders have the right to start operations, promote and demote officers and members, as well as accepting or rejecting and kicking out others. Officers are also able to start operations and accept or reject request to join, members however just follow orders. Request are displayed in the chat log and remember, only leaders and officers can accept or decline request to join.

The Task Force Command has a global leader board. Here you’ll find top ranking task forces from all around the world. You can check out who is dominating with force points according to the size of the Task Force. Successfully complete enough operations and maybe you’ll find your team at the top. The Task Force is an excellent way to keep in touch with your fellow Boom Beach friends, not to mention it will help take your bragging rights to the next level.

Boom Beach: How to Collect Underwater Treasures Using Submarine

Updating your Boom Beach Headquarters at level 9, you can embark on an underwater mission to collect treasures in the dark, deep sea. Just buy a Submarine in your shop and wait for it to be restored and ready for missions.


Discover Diving Spots

To reveal diving spots in the archipelago, make sure you have a Radar at level 7 or higher and you have explored most of the map. Continue unlocking different areas in the map and keep an eye out for a yellow buoy with a flag.


When you discover a dive spot tap on it, and you will be transported underwater where you can choose how deep you want your submarine to dive. To explore the deep sea and see what treasures can be found, you can scroll down… or tap on the “exclamation mark” icons to take you to that specific diving depth.

You’ll see a text on the top right corner of your screen. This shows how many dives you have in this particular diving spot. Keep in mind, all dive locations have their own independent amount of dives.

One thing that should also be noted is that you cannot get all the treasures that are in one dive location, as there are less dives than there are treasures. So be smart about which dives you go for.

Underwater Treasures Types

The treasures that can be found can be anything from iron bars to diamonds to stone to some mystery treasure! Choose what dive you will take and you will be transported back to your map where you can see how long it will take for the dive to be completed.


You cannot speed up the dive missions you make and this is because you can get the most powerful resource in the game, Power Stones! And there is no way to speed this up!

When the dive time is completed, your submarine will be waiting for you at your base for you to collect your treasures. And here you can see what treasures the submarine discovered.

How to Save and Transfer Hay Day Progress on New Android Device

Have you built a beautiful, unforgettable Hay Day farm on your Android device? Would you like to make sure your game progress is saved? Since losing a farm is not a fun experience, we’d like to make sure that this never happens to you. To ensure that your Hay Day farm is well protected, you’ll need your own device, one farm and one Google Plus account.

google plus android

Google Plus is a versatile program for Android devices that allows you to save game progress, also acting as a social network, letting you connect with and share your experiences with other players.

If you play Hay Day on an Apple device (iPad or iPhone), head over to the iOS tutorial.

Here is my farm. I have a Google Plus account but my farm is currently not attached to it.

hayday farm android

To ensure that my progress will always be saved, I will go into my game settings and tap on “Sign in with Google”. As you can see, there are a few accounts currently being used on this device. You must be absolutely sure that you select your own account for this process. That part is important because in Hay Day, your farm can only be attached to a single Google Plus account. For example, if you’re playing your farm without attaching it to an account, and someone else uses your device to sign into their Google Plus account, and then enters Hay Day, your farm will stick to their account if they proceed to connect it to your farm. So be certain to attach your farm to your own account!

Sign in to your existing account or tap on “add account” to create one. The game will reload it self notifying you with a “welcome” text. Be sure that this message contains your username.

hayday account settings

Add Your Hay Day Farm to a New Device

Have a shiny, new Android device you’d like to play on? Or want to transfer your farm to a working device? To get your farm onto this new Android, you’ll first need to set up your device with your Google account – as you should already have one. Go ahead and sign in, then set up your device preferences. Once your device has booted up, head over to the Play Store and download Hay Day app. When you open the game, the tutorial will begin.

Since your farm should already be attached to a Google Plus account, simply skip through the tutorial and enter the game settings to “sign in with Google”. A pop up will appear alerting you that there is a farm attached to the Google account on your device. Tap on “yes, load game”, as it should be yours! Double check and your farm will appear! So don’t forget, to safely play Hay Day on Android you will need: your own device, one farm and your Google Plus account!

Save and Move Your Hay Day Farm to Another Device (iOS)

It can be rather upsetting to lose your Hay Day farm and we definitely don’t want this to happen to you. A few things you can do to make sure this doesn’t happen is to have your own device, one farm and one Game Center account. Game Center is an app for Apple devices that is used to connect and create challenges with friends. Most importantly Game Center save game data and it is the safest way to prevent you from losing your game progress.


If you own an Android device you need to follow this tutorial.

As you can see, I have some games installed on my iOS device, and because they are attached to my Game Center account, all my game progress is saved. If you were playing Hay Day without having it attached to Game Center, you can go into your device settings, scroll all the way to Game Center and either you sign in using an existing account (if you have one) or you can create a new one, if you have not yet set up your Apple ID.


Once you signed in, head over to your Hay Day app and lunch your game and your farm will automatically connect with this new Game Center account. When you open your farm you will be notified with “welcome back” text. Don’t forget to check if shows your own username. If everything looks like it’s an order you can continue tending to your crops and animals as you normally do. If you find that you were sing into an account that is not yours, simply going to your device settings, scroll down to Game Center, tap on Apple ID and sign out of it. Enter your own Apple ID and password and launch your Hay Day app. You will get a pop-up window, asking if you would like to save the current game on the new Game Center account. Tap on “yes change account” to save the farm to your own Game Center account.

Transfer Hay Day Farm on New iOS Device

Have a shiny new device you like to play Hay Day on or need to transfer your farm to a working device. To transfer your farm, go to the App Store on your new device and download Hay Day. When it is installed don’t open the game just yet! Sign in to your Game Center account that you use on your old device and open Hay Day from within the Game Center app. To do this, tap on the games icon and find Hay Day hidden under the section “My iOS Game” and in the top right corner of the screen you will notice three small dotes. Tap on these and select “Play” to open Hay Day.

My iOS Game

When your game open, Game Center will prompt you with the pop up message that gives you the name and level of your farm. If it is the right one, tap on “Yes Load Game” and a confirmation pop-up will appear. Key in “confirm” and your Hay Day farm can be played on your new device. So don’t forget, your own device, one farm, and your own Game Center account.

How to Create or Join a Neighborhood in Hay Day

See that old shack across the road? That’s your neighborhood house! Sure it is run down, but had a coat of paint and it’ll give you a new social Hay Day to experience with friends family. To proceed make sure you’re at level 18 or higher and select the neighborhood house. For 2500 coins you can start repairing it and in a few hours you’ll be a step closer to being a neighbor to Hay Day farmers around the world.


Upon its completion the neighborhood house will allow you to create a hood of your own or join a pre-existing one. The search window shows a list of recommended neighborhoods suited to your own level or if you have friends in those neighborhoods the chat language is the same as your game language for the members are from the same country. If you already know which neighborhood you like to join, enter its name in the search field. In the new feature, see the neighborhoods preferred chat language indicated by a small flag.

Create a Cool Hay Day Neighborhood

How about creating your own neighborhood! First, choose your neighborhood preferences. Start by coming up with a nice name. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to change it later. Design a badge that distinguishes your neighborhood from others. Choose your language, this way before other players enter, they’ll know what language you speak.


Now let’s decide on the joining settings. Would you like anyone to join? This means that any player can join if you’d like to. Or maybe have them join by request, with this setting players must request joining in your neighborhood. Only leaders and co-leaders can approve or decline request. Keeping the neighborhood invite only, means that no one can find and request to join, unless they receive an invitation from the leader, co-leader or elder. Only Facebook or Game Center friends can receive invitations since they appear on the friends bar.


After you’re happy with the setup, tap on the “Create” button. Use the neighborhood to keep in touch with your Hay Day friends using the chat box and help each others farms. Work together and win Derby prizes. Want to learn more about being a leader, co-leader, elder and member of a neighborhood, or even find out more about how neighborhoods and the Derby work, head over to Hay Day’s Frequently Asked Questions section in your farm settings. You will find lot’s of info that will help you catch on and enjoy all these features: like “neighborhood rolls” or “how do I invite friends to join my neighborhood” or getting to know the Derby rules. Checking out for answers and don’t forget to join Hay Day neighborhood today.