How to Save and Transfer Hay Day Progress on New Android Device

Have you built a beautiful, unforgettable Hay Day farm on your Android device? Would you like to make sure your game progress is saved? Since losing a farm is not a fun experience, we’d like to make sure that this never happens to you. To ensure that your Hay Day farm is well protected, you’ll need your own device, one farm and one Google Plus account.

google plus android

Google Plus is a versatile program for Android devices that allows you to save game progress, also acting as a social network, letting you connect with and share your experiences with other players.

If you play Hay Day on an Apple device (iPad or iPhone), head over to the iOS tutorial.

Here is my farm. I have a Google Plus account but my farm is currently not attached to it.

hayday farm android

To ensure that my progress will always be saved, I will go into my game settings and tap on “Sign in with Google”. As you can see, there are a few accounts currently being used on this device. You must be absolutely sure that you select your own account for this process. That part is important because in Hay Day, your farm can only be attached to a single Google Plus account. For example, if you’re playing your farm without attaching it to an account, and someone else uses your device to sign into their Google Plus account, and then enters Hay Day, your farm will stick to their account if they proceed to connect it to your farm. So be certain to attach your farm to your own account!

Sign in to your existing account or tap on “add account” to create one. The game will reload it self notifying you with a “welcome” text. Be sure that this message contains your username.

hayday account settings

Add Your Hay Day Farm to a New Device

Have a shiny, new Android device you’d like to play on? Or want to transfer your farm to a working device? To get your farm onto this new Android, you’ll first need to set up your device with your Google account – as you should already have one. Go ahead and sign in, then set up your device preferences. Once your device has booted up, head over to the Play Store and download Hay Day app. When you open the game, the tutorial will begin.

Since your farm should already be attached to a Google Plus account, simply skip through the tutorial and enter the game settings to “sign in with Google”. A pop up will appear alerting you that there is a farm attached to the Google account on your device. Tap on “yes, load game”, as it should be yours! Double check and your farm will appear! So don’t forget, to safely play Hay Day on Android you will need: your own device, one farm and your Google Plus account!

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  1. Heloo thank you for this gaid!! BUT HOW DO I MOVE MY HAY DAY FROM IOS TO AN ANDOROUID ? I have new new android now . and i wanna transfer my old hay day account . from my appl to this new device ? Is it posable?

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