Hay Day Wiki

Have you always dreamed of being a farmer; a real farmer, taking on all the jobs that go with it? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you’re going to love this game! With Hay Day you’ll feel like a real farmer: you’ll be feeding animals, harvesting crops, selling healthy produce, and having lots of fun whilst making a name for yourself!

The beauty of Hay Day is that it appeals to both adults and children. With this free premium revenue model you can start your farming adventure without having to spend any money. But, progressing through the game at a good pace will eventually require the purchase of diamonds.

Coins and Diamonds

Coins and diamonds are the two currencies in Hay Day

The two types of currency available in Hay Day are diamonds and coins. You acquire coins by selling your produce throughout the game, and they build up quite quickly. But diamonds are a different story: they take a longer period of time to collect and they’re generally acquired by completing certain achievements.

You’ll be using your coins to purchase equipment and livestock, whereas diamonds will be used to speed up specific functions during Hay Day, like the amount of time taken to buy timber, the time it takes to produce milk, or hardware if you need to increase the size of your silo or barn – this means you don’t have to search for the missing pieces.

If you’re worryingly low on funds, you can purchase diamonds and coins for as low as $1.99 via an in-app purchase; something that’s usually too tempting to refuse.

Seeding, Growing and Harvesting

Just click on the dirt field and swipe on it

Once you start playing Hay Day you’ll soon realize that sowing seed and harvesting your crops are an integral part of playing this game; and it’s probably the quickest way to make some money. You’re only allowed to sow the seed in a specific area – a dirt patch, and, this can be bought from the shop for the staggering amount of ONE coin!. Obviously this sounds like a great deal, but you have to remember that there’s a limited amount of dirt patches available for purchase, although more will be released at a later time.

Using processing facilities can assist in transforming your crops into something more desirable. As an example, corn and wheat can be processed into feed for the chickens, milk turned into cheese, and sugar cane converted to syrup.

Animals For Your Farm

Each type of farm animal is unlocked at a certain Level

In Hay Day there are various types of animals available for purchase, with each animal contributing their services to the successful running of your farm. Sheep produce wool, cows produce milk, chickens lay eggs which must be collected each day in a basket, and so on.

You must feed your animals on a daily basis if you want them to perform their duties, and the results are not necessarily instantaneous when you do this. Let’s use sheep in our example. There’s a six-hour waiting period between when a sheep has been fed to the time when it can be shorn. But of course this process can be progressed much quicker with diamonds – that’s if you have any!

Processing and Selling

Buy or sell farm products using the roadside shop.

As the game moves along you can purchase different processing facilities, like a dairy, sugar mill, or popcorn pot. Using these facilities means you’ll require a certain amount of ingredients in order to create a single item, and processing each item can take a while.

And again, if you wish to build a new processing facility it’s going to take time – probably about eight hours, and of course you can use diamonds to speed things up.

On the dirt track in front of your house there’s a delivery truck, ready and waiting to distribute produce to your loyal customers. To the left of the truck is a notice board where current orders can be found: these are updated on a regular basis as each order is fulfilled. With each successful delivery you’ll be awarded a specific number of coins; this amount will vary from order to order. Orders may consist of one or more items, so each order is different.

You’re allowed to sell your produce in the shop situated on the roadside at the front of your property; this makes your wares accessible to other Hay Day players, and also to your Facebook friends who might choose to purchase your products for their own use. You’ll also have customers visiting your farm, offering to purchase your wheat, eggs, or whatever else you have on offer.

“Daily Dirt” Newspaper

Hay Day players can advertise crops, animal goods, products (except lures, nets and traps) and supplies.

Of course a good marketing strategy is to advertise your wares in the newspaper: you’ll sell more produce this way, plus your advertising will attract more customers to view your wares. And again, time will be the big issue: you may not be able to list an item until you’ve waited a certain amount of time.