Boom Beach: How to Collect Underwater Treasures Using Submarine

Updating your Boom Beach Headquarters at level 9, you can embark on an underwater mission to collect treasures in the dark, deep sea. Just buy a Submarine in your shop and wait for it to be restored and ready for missions.


Discover Diving Spots

To reveal diving spots in the archipelago, make sure you have a Radar at level 7 or higher and you have explored most of the map. Continue unlocking different areas in the map and keep an eye out for a yellow buoy with a flag.


When you discover a dive spot tap on it, and you will be transported underwater where you can choose how deep you want your submarine to dive. To explore the deep sea and see what treasures can be found, you can scroll down… or tap on the “exclamation mark” icons to take you to that specific diving depth.

You’ll see a text on the top right corner of your screen. This shows how many dives you have in this particular diving spot. Keep in mind, all dive locations have their own independent amount of dives.

One thing that should also be noted is that you cannot get all the treasures that are in one dive location, as there are less dives than there are treasures. So be smart about which dives you go for.

Underwater Treasures Types

The treasures that can be found can be anything from iron bars to diamonds to stone to some mystery treasure! Choose what dive you will take and you will be transported back to your map where you can see how long it will take for the dive to be completed.


You cannot speed up the dive missions you make and this is because you can get the most powerful resource in the game, Power Stones! And there is no way to speed this up!

When the dive time is completed, your submarine will be waiting for you at your base for you to collect your treasures. And here you can see what treasures the submarine discovered.

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