Play Hay Day Today

Hay Day is a very addictive “free premium” farming simulation mobile game, providing a real and totally new farming experience using easy gestural controls specifically handcrafted for your Android or Apple iOS device.

In this fascinating game, you become the farmer who stocks his farm with animals; producing products such as eggs, milk, bacon and so on. On your farm you’ll hear life-like sounds such as chickens crowing, cows moo-ing and pigs grunting. Your animals need to be fed, so you must produce your own vegetables to feed your livestock. The seeds are planted, and the crop is ready for harvesting. All the chores you complete on your farm are similar to a real farming situation.

Let’s Start Farming!

You begin your farming adventure with very little: a talkative scarecrow as your helper and a grubby patch of land to work with. You’ll be helped through the basic steps but then you’re pretty-much left to your own devices as you start to build up your new business.

Things start off quite slowly because you’ve only got a few crops to select from and very little room to grow them, but then your farming career starts to take off and soon you’ll be raising your own animals, feeding them, and looking for customers to buy your stock.

All products grow in their own time, from carrots to eggs, but you do have the ability to hurry things along by applying diamonds: these are purchased from the game’s shop with real-life money.

It Gets Better!

You earn stars with each and every action you perform, regardless of whether you’re baking bread in the oven, lopping trees to make more room for your expansion, or selling your produce to customers who wander in. Accumulate as many XP (Experience Points) as you can to level up to acquire new buildings, crops, and products to work with.

There’s a great social side to this game as well because you can add your Facebook friends and then start trading with them: then you visit their farms to check out the competition.

Playing games like Hay Day are about managing both resources and create a specific outcome, and of course farming is probably the most direct and clear form of resource management in the world. It’s a very satisfying experience watching your crops grow and your factories producing products.

In summing up, Hay Day is a great little game: it’s interesting, it’s social, and it’s available for free!. If you love simulation games, Hay Day is visually really nice, and your inner-agriculturalist will be kept very busy for many hours running your new little enterprise.